Mindfulness and Mental Health: How Running Benefits Women's Well-being

Mindfulness and Mental Health: How Running Benefits Women's Well-being

The Mind-Body

Theres a long list of reasons why runners run. One reason that is becoming ever more apparent, and is a big factor for me is the boost it can have on your mental health. Life these days is a whirlwind, right? Between work, family, and all those other commitments, looking after our mental well-being often gets pushed aside. Running, for me and many others comes to the rescue like a cozy security blanket. It's not just about staying fit; it's about giving your mind a big ol' hug too!

You know how life can be a crazy rollercoaster? Well, running is like hitting the pause button. It's like saying, "Hold up, chaos!" When you're out there running, it's like a chance to escape the madness, enjoying being out in the fresh air, for me it’s just a re-set. With the added benefit of that runners high! Running sends out these awesome hormones called endorphins, also known as "feel-good" hormones. They're like little mood boosters that kick stress and anxiety to the curb, leaving you with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Running as a Moving Meditation?

Imagine this: you're slipping into your trusty running shoes (and don't forget those super comfy running socks), stepping outside, and taking in that first gulp of fresh air. With every step you take, your worries start to fade away. Running is like a moving meditation, helping you stay present in the moment. Each footfall becomes a reminder to let go of the past and future and just be here, right now. Until you hit that big hill… But its all worth it at the top right?

Stress Reduction

For me running gives me the space to untangle complicated feelings, process your thoughts, and find solutions to those nagging problems. As your heart rate goes up, your body releases all that tension, and your mind follows suit. The rhythm of your steps and the beauty of your surroundings create a mental sanctuary, even if it's just for a short while.

The Power of Accomplishment

Running has been such a big part of my life, it has such a positive impact on my mental health and has also taught me a lot. Setting and reaching goals is like a power boost for your confidence. Whether it's conquering that first mile without stopping or finishing a marathon, every achievement is a testament to your grit and determination. Those victories, no matter how small, remind you that you're a champ who can take on anything – not just while you’re running , but in every aspect of your life. Being able to achieve my running goals is the only reason I'm writing this on the Bimble and Bolt website!


Connecting with a Supportive Community

The running community is amazing, you are never alone as a runner, there will be always like minded runners cheering you on. Being around people who share your goals and passions is like having your personal cheer squad, especially on days when motivation is playing hide-and-seek. That’s one thing we are setting out to achieve with Bimble. Bimble & Bolt's newsletter? It's like a golden ticket to a supportive community. They get your journey and offer tips, guidance, and inspiration to keep you moving forward.

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