Our Story

What's Bimble?

Bimble & Bolt is a running activewear brand primarily aimed at women. We wanted to create an active brand that is ethical, functional, fashionable with the perfect fit. We aim to create a brand that's more than just clothes, we want to celebrate and encourage any bimble, from running your first mile, to completing a 5k, 10k half or marathon. 

Hannah running

Who's Bimble

Founded by Hannah who has been bimbling about since she started walking! 'Running has been such a big part of my life for various reasons and I wanted to create a brand empowering and encouraging others to be active.’

Bimble & Bolt |  Hannah as a child

Our Socks Launch 2022

We have designed our running socks from the toes up. We spent a year testing materials and  have accumulated a surprising number of samples! After months of test runs and alterations, we think we have the perfect ingredients and features for our socks! Check them out here.

Bimble & Bolt | running socks

Runners Advent Calendar 2022

For 2022 we have launched our first official runners advent calendar! The idea came after putting together a Christmas gift for a runner back in 2021. We thought it would be a great idea to create 24 days hand-picked by runners! This calendar includes some top running goodies. Check the advent out here.

Bimble & Bolt |  running advent calendar

2023 Runners Advent Calendar

🏃‍♀️🎄 Get Ready for the 2023 Runners Advent Calendar - Back by Popular Demand! 🎄🏃‍♂️ Featured in Runners World and hailed as the top choice for runners, this year's edition is packed with top running goodies and our soft-stride socks. Take a look at the 2023 Runners Advent Calendar.
Bimble & Bolt | advent calendar running

Bimble & Bolt Running Leggings  

🎉 It's a huge moment for us as we proudly reveal our very own leggings! We've been on a wild and testing marathon of a journey to bring you these gems, and we can't contain our excitement. The result? Absolutely worth it! These leggings are on point (well we think so!). With two premium material blends (recycled options), our high-waisted design gives you the perfect support and that flattering fit you'll love. And trust us, the super soft fabric will have you feeling like you're running through clouds! Plus, they're sweat-wicking, breathable, stretchy in all the right ways, and packed with pockets for your convenience. Umm, hello dream leggings!